Christening Gowns, Baby Clothes

Poppet Baby Wear Christening Gowns are lovingly handmade using time-honored techniques. We use all the original heirloom methods of sewing in all our pieces, from Christening Dresses to Christening Outfits For Boys, using intricate loops, covered buttons, embroidery, pin tucking. We source only the finest yarns, cottons, silks, New Zealand merino wools as for any fabrics used in our cleaning.

Poppet Baby Wears’ owner Marian Long has been hand sewing intricately detailed gowns for over 40 years. It all started with formal gowns and bridal wear. Delighting in perfect, tiny details, Marian particularly enjoys working with fine fabrics, hence the Christening Gown range and special occasion dresses.

Poppet’s organic baby cotton sleepwear is made from 100% natural fibre it is grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides and is procesed here in New Zealand to international standards. Cotton being a natural fibre it will absorb body moisture and allows the baby’s body to breathe which keeps the body cool in the summer, dry and warm in winter.

Merino sheep’s wool, of which there are several different varieties. The softest wool is from super fine merino – and super fine wool is used by Poppet Baby Wear to create this exquisite range of designer babywear and clothing.

All shipments are delivered free of charge unless a faster service is required. Delivery time is normally ten days. Shipped door to door with NZ Courier service providers.