About New Zealand Merino Wool

Merino ? nature’s wonder fabric

merino_sheepImagine a fabric which keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Which is breathable and actually resists developing odours of its own. And is so soft and comfy to wear that you want to wear it all the time.

This fabric exists? it’s New Zealand merino wool.

Merino wool is from the merino sheep, of which there are several different varieties. The softest wool is from super fine merino ? which is the wool used by Poppet Baby Wear.

Super fine merino wool is unlike any other wool. It’s super-soft to wear, and doesn’t have the prickly, itchy feeling caused by other wools. Its softness is sheer luxury, yet unlike so many other of life’s luxuries, this one is easy to look after, and easy to wear.

Easy Wear

Not only is merino wonderfully soft against the skin, but it’ll keep the wearer cool and dry too. It’s naturally breathable, so there’s no clammy feeling. The fabric works in harmony with your body by providing insulation whilst at the same time releasing excess heat and moisture.

Easy Care

Merino garments will last well ? and they’re easy to care for. It’s machine washable, and leave it to dry naturally. The fabric resists wrinkling, and requires little (if any) ironing. Ideal for traveling or when you need to take a change of clothes with you for baby.


Merino is the least flammable of all fibres, and is reported to be self-extinguishing if it does catch alight, so it’s the safest fibre for your baby to wear next to its body.

What’s more, merino wool resists static electricity, so your baby won’t suffer from any electric shocks when being dressed or undressed.

Perfect for baby’s spills and thrills

Even better, merino wool actually resists staining: if it is soiled, the fabric’s natural water-repellent surface gives enough time for the spill to be wiped away before there’s any permanent staining.

Stain resistance: surely the most ideal property baby wear could have!

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