Organic Merino Swirl Design

Marian Long Merino wearDesigner clothes for organic baby is unlike any other woollen babywear clothing. It’s super-soft to wear, and doesn’t have the prickly, itchy feeling caused by other wools. Its softness is sheer luxury, yet unlike so many other of life’s luxuries, this one is easy to look after, and easy to wear.

Merino wool is from the merino sheep, of which there are several different varieties. The softest wool is from super fine merino – which is the wool used by Poppet Baby Wear to create this exquisite range of designer babywear clothing.

  • Easy wear – wonderfully soft against the skin.
  • Easy care – machine washable.
  • Naturally insulating – keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Safe – least flammable of all fibres and is reported to be self-extinguishing.
  • Stain resistant – natural water repellent nature of fabric resists staining.

Merino Wool New Zealand

100% Made in New Zealand

Worldwide shipping within 10 days!

To find out more read our blog about New Zealand Merino Wool.

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